Creativity. Connections. Expertise.
Our PR activity gives results for the short and long term.
You get more clients from more places.

PR you thought only existed on the telly

Predictable results.

Our industry expertise means we know who to contact and what they like. This means we get you featured where you need to be.

Long term benefit.

We get you coverage in the places that your audience are looking. But we also get coverage that drives SEO performance so you still get found consistently long after you get coverage.

“The team at Spruce are great to work with and know how to get fantastic results. They talk plain English and do things the right way so you can be confident in the work they’re doing for you.”

Stuart – Born of Wood

You’ve never seen PR done like this before…


We want to know you inside out so we know exactly what matters. We can then pair this with our expertise and make a plan that works for you.


We delve into who your audience is and where they hang out online. Then we create a strategy that gets you featured in those places.


We find the places you need to be featured and we approach them in a bespoke and targeted way. Mass distribution never was our thing.


We work with you to come up with inspiring ideas that make the press desperate to talk about you. And then we tell them all about it.


We get coverage that drives awareness. And that coverage then drives SEO performance which drives conversions. And then we do it all over again.