Search Engine

We know what makes search engines tick.
Our focus is on things that impact your performance.
More people choose you to supply their kitchen.

We do SEO the way your competitors wish they could

Trust and Honesty

We’re not your average agency. We know most people have been duped by at least one. So everything we do is open and honest so you can see what we’re doing and why we’re doing it.

Consistent Results

As we’re focused on one industry we know what works. And we’re constantly improving what we do so it gets even better. This means our results are predictable and consistent.

“The team at Spruce are great to work with and know how to get fantastic results. They talk plain English and do things the right way so you can be confident in the work they’re doing for you.”

Stuart – Born of Wood

We do SEO that works time after time…


We research the market to find out what you’re customers are searching for at all stages of the buying funnel.


We’re geeks at heart. And digging into the technical issues on a site really floats our boat. So you can sit back and be confident it’s taken care of.

Links with

Search engines use links as votes of recommendation. As industry experts we know where to get you the best ones.

that Sells

Content that will inspire your users and that search engines will love so much you get found more.


Our campaigns get you featured on top media sites that help brand visibility and SEO performance.


We deliver reports every month that show you what we’ve been doing and how it impacts performance. No nasty surprises here.