Inspirational copy. User focused. Performance driven.
We write words that excite your customers and search engines love.
You get to sell more stuff.

Forget ‘SEO content’. Ours delights users and search engines alike.

Write for users

Keyword stuffing is a thing of the past. We write words that users love within researched frameworks that makes them irresistible to search engines.

Strategic approach

Don’t write content for the sake of it. More isn’t always better. We understand what works and make sure that every word we write is serving a purpose.

“The team at Spruce are great to work with and know how to get fantastic results. They talk plain English and do things the right way so you can be confident in the work they’re doing for you.”

Stuart – Born of Wood

Here is how you should be writing content…


The starting point for all content. If you don’t know what people are searching for how can you target them? We do keyword research to take away the guesswork.


Identify the quicker wins and address those first. Understand how they’re part of the bigger picture and you’ll do very nicely indeed.


How better to understand what works than to analyse what’s already working. We mix our own expertise with those already performing well for a potent outcome.


Don’t throw up any old text. Craft it. Polish it. Refine it. Our copy works for both users and search engines so you don’t have to compromise.


Don’t forget to tell people about what you’ve written. Otherwise what’s the point in writing it? We make sure you have a plan in place.


No-one hits perfection first time around. We continue to analyse our copy after it’s been published and use data to make it even better. Again and again.